This week’s pooch is Johnson, a sweet and mild-mannered Labrador retriever mix. He arrived at the animal shelter in January after he was found roaming a local neighborhood, and now he is ready for his forever home.

Small for his age, (we estimate that he’s probably about two years old), he’d make a great addition to a family with small children. He’s quick to play, but is very gentle when he does so. From the very first time I tossed a tennis ball across the play yard, he chased after it and quickly brought the ball back to me and dropped it at my feet. Johnson loves attention and praise, and seems very smart and eager to please.

His coat is thick and black, with a glimpse of white on his chest. With fur that seems to shimmer in the afternoon sun and a broad tongue that lolls out of his happy mouth, Johnson is a healthy, friendly canine anxious to find the perfect owner. Won’t you provide this pet a pad? He’ll definitely be a faithful friend for many years to come.

When you adopt one of our featured pets, you will receive a FREE wellness package from Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital (PGAH) valued at $80.

Adoption fees vary from $80 to $144, depending on the size, gender and animal. Micro-chipping your pet is only $20 through the shelter.

The Animal Care and Adoption Center located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, Arkansas. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital sponsors Provide a Pet a Pad. To contact PGAH call 903-838-6565 or visit them online. Your free wellness package will give you the opportunity to discuss the best ways to keep your new pet on the right track. Dr. Stacey Hendershott will answer your questions and address any concerns regarding your new pet that you may have too. PGAH has a friendly atmosphere and the entire staff has the same goal, to keep your pet healthy and happy.