Taking Care Of All Your Pest Control Needs Safely & Effectively

Are you dealing with unwanted house guests?  Do you feel outnumbered in your own home? Are termites eating away at your walls and wood floors? Insect infestations can be hard to tackle alone, so trust Lawrence Termite & Pest Control to help you get your home back to normal. They specialize in termite control, taking care of everything from termite inspection to quarterly treatments. Fully licensed and insured in both Arkansas and Texas, with offices in Texakana and Nashville, Lawrence Pest is happy to travel within a 56-mile radius of the Nashville, AR area. You can rest easy knowing your home is safe from bugs.

Their method makes the difference

When you need pest control services choose an exterminator who makes every effort to keep you and the environment safe. Lawrence takes pride in their environmentally friendly approach to pest control. Not all insects are pests, so they make sure to target only those that are harmful to your health or your property.

The skilled exterminators at Lawrence Pest use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to study the environments in which pests thrive. Using this information to create an environment around your home or business that's uninhabitable to those pests, while using the minimum amount of pesticide necessary.  This means they're not just getting rid of the pests you can see right now - Lawrence is keeping them away for good.  Providing pest control services with little or no risk to you, your family, your employees or the environment.

Are You Battling Termites?  Did you know that termites can cause more annual home damage than tornadoes and hurricanes combined? You've probably seen what termite-ravaged wood looks like: chewed-up stairs, door frames full of holes or even piles of already-digested wood beside baseboards. Termites love warm, humid climates, so your home is the perfect place for them to breed and thrive.

Early detection is crucial, check for these 3 signs and call Lawrence right away if you notice....

1.  Wooden walls or stairs with honeycomb-patterned or pinpoint holes
2.  Wood floors that buckle or sag, or tile that comes loose
3.  Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it with a screwdriver or other tool

You can also count on Lawrence for lawn care

After you've rid your house of nuisance pests, keep in mind that your lawn can still be a breeding ground for bugs and weeds. Lawrence offers a variety of lawn care services, including:  Fire Ant extermination, Mosquito Control, Weed control, Fertilization, and Hydro-mulching.

Call now to get a free estimate on termite and pest control services.  Let Lawrence Termite & Pest Control take care of all your pest control needs today ... call or visit them online.