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R.K. Hall Construction Ltd is a leading provider of high quality asphalt paving materials and services, pavement rehabilitation, grading ,and bridge construction in the northeast Texas, southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas area. The company enjoys a good working relationship with the Department of Transportation and Municipal agencies of those areas, and performs private and commercial contracts as well.

As a division of Summit, R.K. Hall uses a variety of top quality materials, including Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt or “green” asphalt, Aggregates, Ready-Mix concrete, and Portland Cement.

Summit Materials provides civil construction services to both the private and public sectors and work as either a prime or sub-contractor. Their companies perform work that complements their heavy-side construction materials business by providing a downstream outlet to distribute these products, in addition to the normal external distribution channels.

They perform quality work within the classifications of earth-moving, grading and draining, asphalt and concrete paving, site development, underground pipe installation and other integrated functions required in the infrastructure and highway construction industry.

3205 Division Street Texarkana, AR

Office – 870.773.7071

Plant – 870.773.0829

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