The weather is expected to cool down this weekend but the theaters are just starting to heat up for the fall movie season. This weekend it's time to head out to space for an adventure drama that will leave you breathless as much as astronauts Sandra Bulloch and George Clooney try to stay alive in "Gravity." If that's not your thing, then Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake star in a crime drama "Runner." I love the space movies so you know my choice.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play a pair of astronauts stranded in space in the new sci-fi thriller movie, Gravity. Early reports on this movie is the effects are state of the art breath taking and it will be unlike anything you've ever seen. The scenes are so realistic that you actually feel as though your floating in space too. Word has it that some of the scenes technical aspects were filmed using technology that hasn't even been developed quiet yet. The buzz is this movie will be an Oscar contender  Bullock said, filming the movie was difficult due in part to the long hours she spent strung up in a wired harness while hanging over a pitch black sound stage.

Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake star in a new crime drama Runner Runner. A lot of people will be watching closely to see how Affleck handles himself for this type of role since he is pegged to be the next Batman. Timberlake said, that he is a huge fan of Affleck’s work and couldn’t believe he would be staring opposite the Academy Award-winning director and writer.