Mothers teach their children tons of things and that goes for the animal world, too. So why am I so surprised to see that raccoons have to learn to climb trees?

Raccoons are so smart to begin with that I just figured they were just born to know how to climb a tree. This is a wonderful video of a young raccoon learning from its mother. The mom is determined. Watch her drag and then prop up her baby on the tree. The mom even pushes her baby's bum!

I love raccoons. I find them fascinating! They prove that the opposable thumbs are super important. They can get into anything and everything. One time my husband and I were on a camping trip with friends and they woke up to find their cooler had been raided. Yeah! Coons opened up their cooler and took candy bars. All of them! We spotted the trail of candy bar wrappers in the woods. I think "someone" probably had a big belly ache that day!