One of my favorite new musicians is Owen Stephen. From London, England, he recently brought his music stateside and debuted tunes from his new album right here in Texas. 

Owen opened for and performed with Ramin Karimloo at Saturday's 'Broadway To Bluegrass' concert, and he  brought down the house with his music, which is by turns soulful and fabulously upbeat.

His song 'Place Called Love' is effervescent and reminiscent of fifties era rock and roll but with a bluesy, modern twist. Since he shared this single with me, I've found myself playing it repeatedly on my iPod and have been eager to introduce it to you too. The beat is catchy and joyful. Yet Owen's music has a maturity that makes it perfect listening on a sunny summer day. Take a listen!


Download Owen's new album 'Just Dreaming EP' on iTunes and Amazon to experience all his great new songs. You can also catch Owen's performances through the remainder of his Texas tour with Ramin.

If you missed their Texarkana show, head on down to Tyler on May 11 and watch Owen and Ramin play with bandmates Sergio Ortega, Coleman Smith and Steve Young in an eclectic but electrifying concert that is sure to surprise and thrill you. Also, make sure to hang around after the show for your chance to meet this fantastic crew!

Be sure to follow Owen on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for updates about live performances, new releases and more!