How are a gorgeous South American bird and a child the same?

It might seem unusual to compare a young girl named Alexis to a Quetzal, a strikingly colored bird from Mexico and Guatemala. But both are so full of life, so fun to watch, and quite magnificent in their own way. At least until they get sick.

When most children arrive at St. Jude, they usually don't have the stamina to do the things they used to do. If they have cancer, they quickly comprehend how fragile life is, and they wonder if life will ever get back to normal.

The wonderful thing about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, however, is that it is truly like a beacon of light on a stormy night. The staff there is quick to allay fears, to explain away uncertainty, and to do everything they can to help their patients get better. By the time patients are able to leave, they know they have found a rock to lean on in times of distress, and they are able to make plans to take flight once again.

Become a Partner In Hope and help children soar. Your contributions will be put to work making sick kids well, and giving them them confidence that they can eventually spread their wings and fly once more.