When you're sick, what do you most look forward to?

This year, the flu hit Texarkana hard. For those like me who had the strain that came with body aches and lots of nausea, you'll totally understand how miserable it can be when the thought of food even turns your stomach. So imagine what it must be like to have a prolonged illness when you're flat on your back in a hospital bed and absolutely nothing sounds good to you.

Wouldn't the simple pleasure of eating be something to anticipate? For little Jaxton, author of "R Is For Recovery," it was. He wanted to get better so he could sink his sweet tooth into some tasty ice cream!

When I visited St. Jude in January, one of the places I saw was the Kay Cafe, a wonderland of edible treats sponsored by Kay Jewelers that truly goes a long way to making its patients feel at home. Not only does the cafe offer a wide variety of eats, but the nurses are happy to go down and get their patients something to eat whenever the cravings strike. For one little girl going through chemotherapy, she, like Jaxton, only wanted ice cream. So the nurse would go down at 3 a.m. and get it for her. If you've ever been in the hospital, you know that isn't how things usually work!

Little thoughtful touches like this are one of the things that truly makes St. Jude such a special place. Become a Partner In Hope today, and your contributions will be used to add other great enhancements that offer as much comfort as possible to sick kids like Jaxton.