If you're like me you grew up watching Star Trek and really got into the characters who made that 1960s show an iconic success. The engineer Scotty was played by actor James Doohan and one of his famous lines out of the show, I recall was "I'm Giving it All She's Got Captain."Well, just this week Celestis gave Scotty a proper burial out into 'Where no Man Has Gone Before' SPACE The Final Frontier. The ashes of actor James Doohan were flown out to space by an unmanned spacecraft known as the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Along with Doohan's ashes, the rocket also carried the remains of 307 other people, including Mercury program astronaut Gordon Cooper.

The ashes were flown under an agreement by SpaceX, the private space flight company that built the rocket, and Celestis, a company that allows people to send a portion of the ashes of their loved ones into space.

You can also launch your loved ones ashes as well through Celestis, but it will cost you a pretty penny somewhere around $3000, however they do have cheaper packages available and more expensive packages too.

I think I might be a little weird when I look up into the night sky into the heavens and I see a little cosmic dust I'm going to think, Is that Uncle Jimmy?

So the question is if you could send someone's ashes out to space who would it be and why? (see Survey below)


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