Kansas City Southern (KCS) Holiday Express Stops in Ashdown
The 17th annual Kansas City Southern (KCS) Holiday Express rolled into Ashdown, Ark., on Wednesday, Dec. 6, right on schedule near U.S. Highway 71. An enthusiastic crowd of children and families was already lined up when I arrived to visit Santa Claus who was on board the holiday train.
Lose Yourself in Time at Ashdown’s Two Rivers Museum
Located at the corner of Constitution Avenue and Main Street, the Two Rivers Museum welcomes visitors beneath a charming black sign with fanciful scrollwork. This place showcases the diverse story of a county caught between the Red and Little rivers, a community rich in history and abundant in earth…
Admire Area Talent at the Midsummer Art Show in Ashdown, Ark.
There’s something about the careful lines of a charcoal drawing, the expressive strokes of oil on canvas or the imaginative collaboration of mixed medium art that captures our imagination. Now is your chance to come connect with art on an emotional level during one of the biggest art…
Domtar Fortifies the Fiber of Ashdown with Paper
The paper mill has been a part of Ashdown living since 1968. It provides jobs to residents within a 100-mile radius of the community and is a valued contributor to its economic growth. But as changing technology threatens the future of the paper industry, will Ashdown lose one of its biggest assets?