TTPD: Felony Friday
It's "Felony Friday" once again and the Texarkana Texas Police would love your help in locating these two, Javeon Harris and Shamarcus King, both suspected in the botched ATM theft back in September.
You know that old saying that everything is bigger and better in Texas? There's a lot of truth to that statement even though Alaska is the largest state in the United States. However, Texas still remains the largest state in the contiguous 48 states.  Did you know that some of the best things in Ame…
On Wednesday, November 18, at 5AM Texarkana, Ark., Police were dispatched to 3200 East 9th Street, Commercial National Bank, in reference to a possible robbery in progress. Dispatch told officers that a witness was driving by the bank when he or she allegedly observed a white van ram into the b…
Worst ATM PIN numbers
Is your pin number to your ATM card easy to steal? A list of the top ten easiest PINs to steal was just published, so if yours is on the list, change it ... NOW!