Cooking In The New Air Fryer - Jim Says "Chicken Good"
We were so excited after getting our new Air Fryer for Christmas this year, what we didn't know is that there is a definite learning curve. Air fryer, by the way, is nothing more than a Convection Oven. Air Fryer is just the new buzz-phrase being used to teach young people about a piece of technolog…
Tasty Treats
Well, I think my cream puffs were pretty good, and judging from the reactions around the radio station, they must be, because people inhaled them rather quickly.
Egg Heads Unite
With the Spring season almost here you can expect to see more people starting to cook outdoors. Nowadays there seems to be a little controversy about cooking on a traditional gas grill versus a Big Green Egg. Well, there really is no comparison in my opinion, when it comes to which one cooks better.
Cook An Entire Meal In The Dishwasher [VIDEO]
The first time I heard anyone using the dishwasher anything other than washing dishes I was floored. A man once told me he cleaned parts to his car in the dishwasher. I was totally grossed out. You eat off the dishes in there. Why would you want road grime floating near your dishes...
5 Foods Most Often Ruined By Kitchen Mistakes
There's some foods that take a certain skill in the kitchen to reach their full deliciousness. It only takes one misstep in the kitchen to turn a juicy and delicious steak into something dry and suitable for a chew toy. Want to hone your skills so you never fall victim to any of these missteps.…
Taste of Summer
There is just something about plump, delicious, refreshing berries that delivers the taste of summer! That's one of the reasons we love this easy-to-make, yummy crowd-pleasing recipe we're confident your family will love.
Fire Up The Grill!
When it comes to the Fourth of July there's nothing like getting the family together for a good old-fashioned cookout. Many folks will cook everything from smoked brisket, spare ribs, pork chops, steak, BBQ chicken and the list goes on. Of course, if you want to keep it traditional there is alw…

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