Easy Hacks to Know if You Have a Water Leak [VIDEO]
Texarkana and Bowie County officials met to discuss the recent damage from the winter storm last week. If you live in Bowie County be sure to assess the damage to your house especially any water leaks. There a lot of people that have experienced broken water pipes. The damage that can do to a house can get very expensive very quickly.
DIY Pinhole Projector
If you don't have glasses, and you're not Superman, this is an easy way to view the eclipse with just two pieces of paper.
Make a Homemade Air Conditioner For $8 [VIDEO]
It's hot outside! So if you can't be near a pool, lake or the ocean this weekend, I found a great hack to keep you cool. Check out this video of a homemade air conditioner for only 8 bucks. Yeah, it's a little redneck, but that's what's so great about it!
Need an idea for Mom?
Mother's Day is Sunday. Have you gotten her anything yet? A recent survey showed that most mom's would of course spend time with their kids. But, you know ya gotta do more, right?