Earth Day

Take a Look
Earth Day is finally here! For many it's just another day but for some it's about preserving our planet and being thankful for this big blue marble we have been given to live on.
Today, April 22, is Earth Day. I must admit it's not really a day I put on my calendar and celebrate. How do you celebrate a day like today? Plant a tree? Do some gardening?
#Earth Day Selfie
Heard Jim and Lisa on the morning show talking about whether or not you celebrate Earth Day. The verdict is still out on this one, some do, some don't, from the responses gathered on facebook.
Remember Mother Earth
If you love the great outdoors, breathing in fresh air and taking in all that Mother Earth has to offer, then you're going to love the second annual Caddo Lake Earth Day Paddling Regatta on Saturday, April 20 near Uncertain, TX about 20 minutes from Marshall, TX.