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Santa Dog on a Roomba [VIDEO]
My husband and I were talking the other day about getting one of these Roomba vacuums. Mind you, not to clean the house, for purely for our cats!  We just don't think our cats will have much fun with it. This dog gets it!
giant dog spider! Yikes!
If you're like me then you don't like spiders...especially, big hairy spiders! Check this video out of a dog in a spider costume and it goes around scaring people!
Dogs Pranked
It's fun to watch videos that prank people, but hey what about a great prank on dogs? Watch this stuffed animal toy dog scare these real dogs!
Funny video!
Speaking from experience, getting your wisdom teeth removed can really rock your world. Not the fact that they are gone but the drugged up feeling after surgery! This poor girl thinks she doesn't have a bottom lip anymore!
Hilarious Video!
Here's your laugh for today! At a circus in Russia, a woman from the audience tries to ride a camel. As soon as she gets on the animal, her pants split!