Jim and Lisa

Global Oddities
Pay no attention to that car with the camera on top!
If you're heading to Florida, watch out for the herpes-infected monkeys!
Is this a drive through?
Global Oddities
Check out dad's shorts!
Hawaiian name won't fit on the drivers license!
Will cheese work as good as sand and salt?
Global Oddities
Teachers shouldn't joke around about towers and sniper rifles!
Over 9 million views for Twerking Fail Video!
Ummm Hello, Freedom of Speech!
Those candles must ROCK!
Global Oddities
School misspells school name on yearbook!
Riding while under the influence!
He was a trouble-making drunken pig?
Global Oddities
Raccoon wins showdown with man and rifle.
Topless protesters busted!
Her bike was stolen, so she stole it back!.
Global Oddities
Just because it's called a pig doesn't mean it tastes like bacon.
Quit clowning around, it's a wedding!
High speed moped chase, NOT!.
Global Oddities
Old School Toilet Reading, there's an Ap for that.
Big turn out at BaconFest, DUH!
Yes, we speak Klingon, why do you ask.
Global Oddities
Fast getaway thwarted by lack of gas.
Revenge on the ex of a printer backfires!
Tassels go up in flames!

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