Jim Weaver

'Lost In Space' - Another Terrific Series on Netflix (Review)
Curse Netflix! They've done it again, put yet another top-notch program on the air and I liked it so much I couldn't stop watching it this past weekend! The Robinson family is back in space, trillions of miles from home, encountering beasties, robots, nature and who knows what el…
Happy Cereal Day - What's Your Favorite?
I've always referred to myself as a "Cereal Killer", cause I love me some cereal. This has been a life-long thing for me. It started off with some kind of mushy, icky, oatmeal or something when I was a baby I'm sure, then slowly built from there. What's funny is the life progression we all…
Shipley Donuts Returns To Texarkana - Near Me?
I noticed this a few week ago but didn't want to get my hopes up until I saw them clearing the ground, a new Shipley Donut franchise is under construction on Arkansas Blvd. I grew up in Houston, where Shipley began, I am excited!

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