ERCOT Reform An Emergency on Texas Legislative Agenda - Ya Think?
Did you know... there is such a thing as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas? Commonly referred to as ERCOT, this is apparently the governing body in Texas over preparedness and energy needs within the state. I think we can safely say that this 'governing body' fumbled this current deep freeze…
Texas State Prop 4 - Vote 'YES' for No Income Tax in Texas
I don't usually tell people how to vote, normally I just let people know how I feel about political subjects and leanings. However, in this case, I am a resident of the Great State of Texas and I don't ever want to have my income taxed in this State. If you feel the same as I do and you≈…
"Five Guys" Review
My son Tyler and I recently had the chance to try out Five Guys in the Metroplex, I wish we had gone to Jack-In-The-Box, not because Five-Guys food was bad, however, there was an issue that I didn't anticipate.
I'm Optimistic, How About You?
ISIS is all-but destroyed, the economy is looking much better, tax cuts should help most people, regulations are being slashed, retail sales are up, housing starts are up and the Stock Market is still setting records. What's not to be optimistic about in 2018?