Top Things Couples Argue About [POLL]
She spent too much money. He doesn't want THAT for dinner. She doesn't want to watch football. It's the age old problem of couples arguing from silly things to more serious. Arguing is good for you. We are all individuals, so it's natural to argue.sometimes.
Not About The Nail!
A few days ago we ran across this video that just had everyone here at the station howling with laughter and saying things like; "been there, had that conversation". Of course we had to share it with you.
Blake says No secrets
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are in the spotlight all the time, so of course there have been rumors that their marriage is in trouble. Blake says they're all good and to make sure all is good he lets her look through his phone.
Can't Stop Call Your Ex? There's an App For That!
Have you ever been in the situation where you just can't stop calling your ex? You know it's over, or he/she is just bad for you, but you just can't help it! Well, there's an app for that and it'll keep you from thinking "Dang, why did I do that!"  It&…

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