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Tell Us Tuesday Results 9/1/20: Because Jim & Lisa Wanna Know
The older we get the more frequent these stops seem to be, but as Lisa and I were talking yesterday about the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, and road-tripping, and the fact that over 60% of people will be on the roads this weekend, and most will be travelling at least 100 miles... that means wee breaks…
Summer Road Trips
Summer road trip season is here. Last year a study showed that Texas and Arkansas were not on the list of best states for a road trip. This year, Texas made the list and so did Louisiana, but Arkansas still didn't make the list? Who are these people?
Summer Road Trips
Good news! You won't have to burn too much gas to get to the best road trip destinations this summer.
Skinny Breakfast
Yesterday morning before leaving the Dallas area, my husband and I wanted a unique breakfast experience. So what did we do?