Party Time
Are you ready for some football? Or better yet, Are you ready for some food? Whether your planning on throwing a Super Bowl party or going to one, the theme is the same lots of drinks and tons of snack food.
Super Ads
The Super Bowl is Sunday and while many Americans will be huddled around their television to watch the big game others will be watching those super commercials as I like to call them for the super price tag advertisers pay to air their commercial during the game...
The Big Game
As much as I am excited that the Super Bowl is on Sunday,  I'm also a little bummed out because that means the close of the NFL season.
The 10 People You Will Find at Every Super Bowl Party
While the New York Giants and the New England Patriots prepare to tangle in the Super Bowl, the rest of America continues to prepare for one of this country’s annual rites: the Super Bowl party. No matter the bash, no matter how big or small, you can be sure it will be populated by t…
Super Bowl Myth Busting!
There are a ton of myths that start circulating every year around Super Bowl time.  It leads to heart attacks!  It leads to domestic violence!  It leads to people gorging on avocados!  Here's your guide to what's true and what's B.S.