Free Child Safety Seats Check Today in Texarkana
Parents and caregivers can have their child's safety seats checked today (Wednesday) at the Training Annex Parking Lot, 1420 South Park Road at 4 PM to make sure they meet current safety standards, are installed correctly, and find out what type of safety seats are required for different ages a…
Arkansas-side Police Will Be Working School Zones
As summer comes to an end and school gets ready to begin, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wants to remind motorist School Zones will be in effect. Texarkana Arkansas Schools start on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, and the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will be working random school zones t…
TAPD Cancels 2021 Pride Academy
With a heavy heart, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department (TAPD) must officially announce that due to exceptional circumstances, they are unable to present the Pride Academy for 2021.

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