Tell Us Tuesday

Tell Us Tuesday Results 9/1/20: Because Jim & Lisa Wanna Know
The older we get the more frequent these stops seem to be, but as Lisa and I were talking yesterday about the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, and road-tripping, and the fact that over 60% of people will be on the roads this weekend, and most will be travelling at least 100 miles... that means wee breaks…
Candy You Never Want to Get in Your Halloween Bag Again?
What a great response on last week's "Tell us Tuesday" Facebook question, thank you to all who chimed in. Below you'll find the results of our unscientific survey. The question was; What candy would you be happy if you never got it in your Halloween treat bag ever ag…
What Candy would you Crush?
This silly little fun "what-if" survey popped up yester and caught our eye as maybe a good question for "Tell Us Tuesday," turned out to be a great one, and it's still going.
Who was/is your favorite teacher?
Tuesday, this week, May 7, was National Teacher Day and I don't care who you are, everyone has a favorite teacher. So, we asked the question on Facebook yesterday: Who Is/Was your favorite teacher? We got some terrific responses:
'Tell Us Tuesday' Results
We all do it, binge watch shows these days. It's a strange way to watch a series but it works I guess. The big problem is, what to watch next?