Don't Get Caught Traveling These Arkansas Roads After Dark
Halloween is almost here! Have you ever been driving in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and felt like you were not alone. Maybe you were not! Could it be you picked up a ghostly stranger or even thought you saw something on the road you couldn't explain. Well, that leads me to …
Lisa Discovers Family History in Missouri
Last week my husband John and I went on a fast and furious trip to Missouri. We had a mini-reunion with some of his family. So, Not only did I learn a more about his family history, but also about American Pioneer history as well. The first leg of our trip started in Liberty, Missouri, just out…
Know Before You Go, Before You Travel Arkansas
I don't know about you but with the long holiday weekend fast approaching it can really be a pain when you caught up in road construction. Not only does it cause delays but it can be very stressful depending on what type of construction is going on and how bad the work zones are.
2018 Texarkana Chamber Trip Information Meeting Tonight
The Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce wants to remind the community that they are hosting two different Chamber Trips this year and are inviting Chamber members, and family and friends of Chamber members to join them on this once in a lifetime experience. There will be an informational presentation …

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