Entrepreneurial Leadership Course Available at UAHT
What is the "new normal" in business going to be starting in 2021? What businesses or services or professions are going to be recession-proof in the future? What can residents of Southwest Arkansas do to prepare themselves for the "new normal," whatever that may b…
This UAHT Student Received Two National Scholarships
Congratulations to the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Paramedic student and Phi Theta Kappa member Alan Laxton was recently selected from hundreds of nationwide applicants to receive the Phi Theta Kappa New Century Workforce Pathways Scholarship and the Dr. Richard L. Resurreccion Internation…
UAHT Will Host New Student Orientation Online This Year
The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana will host New Student Orientation (NSO) online this year via Blackboard. The College will also offer on-campus appointments for small groups of students to pick up their student ID cards, parking stickers, and books before classes begin.

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