Family Fun
It's time of year when families start taking those family vacations. Nothing brings out what your family is really like until you take those long road trips. Trying to keep everyone entertained while trying to keep your sanity can turn into a full time job. And your vacation could turn from ple…
top items lost on vacation
Vacations are fun! It doesn't really matter where you go it's just fun and exciting to get away! Until, you lose something. Then, the fun comes crashing down.
I Want to Win This Contest - Will You Help?
I can't hardly believe it... I AM A FINALIST! The best contests are usually on radio, and radio people cannot win. So, when I got word that I was a finalist in this Facebook contest for Beaches Resorts I danced a little jig. Now, I need your vote!
Do You Take All Your Vacation Days? You Should!
Do you take all your vacation time from work? Looks like most Americans don't.
A recent survey from, says that the average American employee has over a week’s worth of paid vacation days left that are not used at the end of each year! To be exact, it's actually 6…

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