Get Out And Vote!
Today is Election Day! Finally, all the commercials, the phone calls, the mail flyers all coming to an end today but it's yet to be determined if all the political mud slinging and ads you've been hearing for the longest pays off.
when do you like to vote?
Today is the day! It's Election Day! All those political ads and phone calls will end tonight. I did something I've never done before...I voted early this year.
Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States on Tuesday (Nov. 6) following a heated battle with Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the key battleground state of Ohio. Within minutes of learning the news, country music's top stars were celebrating, congratulating, complaining or simply making jokes about the 2012 election results. Like much of the nation, Nashville's best are split p
Planning to Tweet or Instagram Your Ballot? You May Be Committing a Felony
Voting in a presidential election is pretty exciting. And, these days, when we do something exciting we want to tell the world about it through social network sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But while there may be a temptation to take a photo of your completed ballot and post it on the internet with pride, it's not a very good idea. In fact in states like Wisconsin it's a felony to let

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