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Win up to $5,000 With the Kicker Cash Code
The first phase of the Kicker Cash Code comes to an end this week. Then we'll take a small break and be back in May with more cash to giveaway. If you haven't joined the list of cash winners stay tuned, and listen for the Kicker Cash Code to be announced.
Win Cash and See Jason Aldean in NYC
How about a little extra green in your pocket this Spring? I mean, who couldn't use anywhere from $200 up to $5000 in cold hard cash? Well, the Kicker Cash Code is back and all you have to do is listen three times daily Mon-Fri at 7:10AM, 12:10PM and 4:10PM for the winning cash code words to be…
Win Cash
It's back! The Kicker Cash Code is locked and loaded with more cash for the month of May. With the summer vacation season upon us, who couldn't use a little extra cash? How about $1,000?
Win Cash
Summertime  is almost here and who couldn't use a little spending cash for a vacation getaway, maybe pay some bills or treat yourself to a shopping spree? The possibilities are endless on what you could do with an extra $1,000.
Grab Some Cash
Time is running out for your chance to win $1,000 with the Kicker Cash Cow. Only one more day remains for you to milk the cow dry of all its moo-lah. More than $40,00 in cold hard cash has already been given out thanks to the Kicker Cash Cow. Remember there will be NO contest on Memorial Day!
10 Ways to Blow $1,000
We are giving away a ton of cash during the month of May with the Kicker Cash Cow. You could win $1,000 twice per weekday or win $10,000 just for being a VIP by entering our Social Sweeps contest. So you know, I got to thinking about it. If I was eligible to win $1,000 what would I do with all that …

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