You'll never guess what Taylor just did for south Louisiana.

Let's all be honest here, we love Taylor Swift. Sure, we're not a fan of some of the things she has done in the last six months or so. Many of us feel that we have been lied to by Taylor or even deceived in some way. On the other side of the coin, she could have easily been jaded by the press that has haunted her for the last few months as well.

But she's not.

And that's why we still love her. If you remember, Taylor kicked off her 1989 World Tour in Bossier City, Louisiana. I had a chance to meet her backstage and asked he why she decided to do that. She told me that she has always had a soft spot for Louisiana and Bossier particularly.

Which is why she has donated $1 million to flood relief efforts in south Louisiana.

$1,000,000 could definitely help a ton of people. Will it be enough? Probably not, but it's certainly more than anyone could have imagined a celebrity willing to write a check for. It's staggering. It's breathtaking. It's Taylor. I don't count this as a publicity move. I count this as a woman doing something for people whom she knows need it most right now.

And that's a class act.