October 15, 2005 is a date that sticks out in my mind in Texarkana. That was the day when a tanker car exploded, due to a train derailment that occurred near Hobo Jungle Park. The station was at the Race For The Cure event that morning, when everyone there noticed the thick billowing clouds of smoke rising high in the sky. In fact, I think if I'm not mistaken they had to shut down the event early due to safety concerns. I think at the time most folks including myself didn't realize the magnitude of the situation. I've seen some of the footage of the patrol officer's dashboard cam and what he experienced that early Saturday morning, pretty amazing and a dangerous situation for the officer on the scene.

Now the Texarkana Arkansas Police Dept. will be highlighted during an episode of the television show “Caught on Camera”, involving the 2005 train derailment. Texarkana Arkansas Police Officer, Randy McAdams, was interviewed by the television show producers in April, along with footage taken of the derailment site.

The show will air this Sunday, on June 12th, 2011 at 08:00 p.m., on MSNBC at 10pm. Please check your local listings.

Do you remember that day?

(source: Kristi Mitchell/Public Information Officer TAPD)

Here is the video footage on Youtube...