"You shouldn't try this at home." That's something audiences hear every time they head into the big top. When the Jordan World Circus visited Texarkana yesterday, area residents discovered why that saying is all too true. 

Adam Burck and his amazing tigers
Jordan World Circus

Whether the audience watched Adam Burck's gorgeous tigers jump through a ring of fire or the Cortez family sail overhead on the flying trapeze high above the Four States Entertainment Center, adults and children alike held their breath as they watched countless acts of daring and skill.

For those who have attended other circus acts in the past, one act they likely haven't seen before is one like Karoly Zeman's. Not only is the handsome Zeman a proficient trapeze artist, (his parents sent him to circus school in Hungary at the age of 12),

Karoly Zeman and his BMX bike
Jordan World Circus

but he can also perform tricks on his BMX bike, including making it dance across the center ring. Zeman is at his most astounding, however, when he performs a double somersault on his BMX bike!

Other acts in the show are performed by clowns, aerial artists, and a menagerie of animals, including elephants, dogs, horses, a llama and even a camel! All in all, it was a show Texarkana families will be talking about for some time.

Perhaps the best part of the show for me, though, was seeing the wide-eyed wonder in the kids eyes as they watched all the marvelous performances at the circus. They laughed as they clowns danced during silly comic routines and cheered as the dog trainer's dogs leaped easily onto the backs of ponies and rode them around the ring. Then everyone was simply fascinated as a magician locked his wife in a box and drove swords straight through, only for her to come out unscathed.

If you missed the show, find out how you can experience the magic yourself. Discover where you can catch the show elsewhere on its tour or find out when it will return to T-Town again by visiting the Jordan World Circus website or follow them on Facebook.

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