Do you know what Xray stands for? It may not be what you think!

In the case of "X Is For Xray," Xray is an acronym for how Nicholas and his family feel about St. Jude and the care that he received there. Like so many members of the St. Jude family, they have a real appreciation for everything the doctors do every day to improve the health of sick kids.

When I went to Memphis to tour St. Jude in January, I met many parents who are forever grateful for the hospital and its donors. One mom, Aurora, had scheduled an appointment with the ophthalmologist for her oldest daughter a few years ago. When the doctor examined the child, she rushed out of the room for a second opinion. After two doctors had examined both of her daughters, Aurora knew something was wrong.

She was immediately referred to a hospital where the eye doctors wanted Aurora's daughters checked out. It wound up that both girls had tumors in their head which were initially seen through the kids eyes. Again, Aurora was referred to another facility, this time St. Jude. By the time she arrived with her two daughters, she was very frazzled. "I was a hot mess," she says. The staff at St. Jude tried to reassure her that they would take care of everything and even told her that she would never receive a bill. Aurora didn't believe them. But she needed answers about her daughters health, so she stayed.

Two years later, the girls were in remission. In the meantime, Aurora herself was diagnosed with cancer. The staff at St. Jude gave her all the information she could possibly need to know when dealing with her own doctor. Thankfully, Aurora is in remission now too.

Once she was on the mend, Aurora found out that she was pregnant with her third daughter. When the baby was barely a year old, she learned that her newborn had the same cancer her other daughters did. "I wasn't as scared the third time around," Aurora says. "I knew the St. Jude family was going to take care of everything." Although the baby girl is still going through treatment, Aurora and her family demonstrate the same confidence that Nicholas and his family have. They realize the skills the doctors have at St. Jude and they all know they are in good hands.

Won't you become a Partner In Hope today so that other parents who receive heartbreaking news will be able to get world class treatment for their kids too and never worry about the cost?