How do you view your life? Do you live in the moment, make plans for the future, or dwell on the past?

Let's face it, all of us have our hangups. It is easy to romanticize what used to be when the here and now isn't quite so peachy or the future is simply uncertain. But the kids at St. Jude taught me a new way to look at life.

When I had conversations with families and patients who had gone to hell and back dealing with some of the worst diseases any of us might ever face, I was consistently impressed with their optimism. Initially, I wondered how these kids could have a smile on their face when they were in so much pain.

But that is the magic of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I know Disneyland touts itself as being "the happiest place on Earth," and perhaps it is. But I think St. Jude is a close runner-up because everyone there believes in the power of one thing: hope. If they keep hope alive, they can conquer anything. And time and again, this has proven true.

Like Vivian says in "Y Is For Yesterday," she was once like every other girl. Now she has survived osteosarcoma and has a titanium prosthetic tibia in her leg. But she's happy... and hopeful about what tomorrow will bring. So many members of the St. Jude family feel exactly the same way that it is almost unbelievable.

Become a Partner In Hope and join the St. Jude family today. Not only will you keep hope alive, but you'll help us take strides towards a cure for childhood cancers.