Not all St. Jude patients remember their ordeal. But they are just as grateful for the experience as those that do.

Many of the children I met at St. Jude during my tour were old enough to talk to me, ranging in age from four to eighteen. Those kids will remember their time at the hospital and how the staff helped them overcome their biggest challenges to date.

Yet many kids are brought to the hospital in the "dawn of life," as Danny Thomas said. Or perhaps we should say the "spark of life," because some have to come as newborn infants who fight for their lives from the moment they're born.

The author of "Z Is For Zapped" is one of those who arrived at the Memphis campus early on, when he was only five weeks old. Can you imagine the despair his parents must have felt? Thankfully he is older now and is doing fine, and obviously he's heard stories about his first experience with the facility. But even though he doesn't remember it, his parents surely do!

Just imagine how you would feel if someone had told you your infant son would likely die  mere weeks after birth. But then think how you'd feel if you discovered a place that would not only cure your child but wouldn't charge you a dime for the effort? That's what St. Jude does for families every day.

Our radiothon may be over for this year, but the opportunity to give is ongoing. Become a Partner In Hope anytime throughout the year, and you can keep the light of hope burning bright in Memphis at St. Jude.