A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took my nephew (who was visiting) and went to check out the races at Timberline Speedway.

We had an absolute blast! I also had the chance to meet a very special stock car driver. Mason Brown is 12 years old and he races for his little brother Ayden.

Ayden passed away a year and a-half- ago at the age of 31/2 months from SIDS. SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants in the United States.

Mason has made it his mission, with the support of his family, to spread awareness about this horrible condition that takes the lives of infants with no warning. To raise the awareness of SIDS, he sells Racing for AYDEN & SIDS Awareness stickers then he decorates his stock car with them. It's an amazing sight to see this young man take on such a tough subject and believe me it will touch your heart. Yes, below is a picture of his car and all the stickers!


Update! Mason will be racing this Friday night at Timberline Speedway in Corley, Texas. This will be his last race of the year at Timberline. He's busy racing all over the place in the the next few months! Be sure to stop by and meet Mason and buy a sticker to help spread the word about finding a cure for SIDS!