Kicker 102.5 is now available on your Amazon device, the Echo and the Echo Dot are ready to bring you the Wakeup Crew and Today's New Country, and it's so easy to set up.

I get a little Geeky over some things, this is one of those things. Once I found out that we were going to be available on Amazon's Alexa app which is what powers the Echo and Echo Dot interactive device.

The Echo Dot was the most sold item last Christmas on Amazon, millions of these were purchased in the good old USA. There are a lot of radio stations out there, but there's only one Kicker 102.5, and that's exactly how you have to ask Alexa for it.

Simply say; "Alexa, enable the Kicker 102 point 5 skill". That's it, now the skill is active and ready to play your favorite radio station anytime you are. Now say; "Alexa, play Kicker 102 point 5". There we are, now making it easier than ever to listen whenever you want, and wherever you are.


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