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Creepiest Most Haunted Places in Texas - Top 10
Ghost hunters should love some of these places to possibly capture a little paranormal action. Most of these places take some serious drive time to cross the state to get to, like Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, the Littlefield House in Austin, or the White Sanitarium in Wichita Falls. However, for us,…
A Fun October With Texarkana Texas Parks and Recreation
Thanks to Eddie Aulds for coming in this morning for a quick chat about all the stuff happening in Texarkana, Texas for the month of October. we have the full interview posted below but today I wanted to highlight one that's always great fun... the Fall Festival.
10 Movies That Take Place in The Great State of Arkansas
Arkansas may be a far distance from Hollywood but there are quite a few movies that have been set in Arkansas. Some are based on true stories, others not so much. Take a look at the list below and let us know if you've seen all of the movies we found that are set in the beautiful state of Arkan…

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