Wake Up Crew

Hotel Grim Sign Lighting Ceremony a Complete Success
Even though we have seen the barricades around the base of the Grim, even though everyone keeps telling us things are happening inside, it's kind of hard to wrap your head around the fact that the Hotel Grim is in the process of making a grand comeback. This past Tuesday night, I think things s…
Texarkana, Texas Issues Coyote Warning For Our Area
Texarkana, Texas Animal Services has been receiving a lot of reports of coyotes in our area, remember these animals are wild and can be very dangerous, so much so that they have issued the following warning and guidelines of how to handle coyote encounters.
"Some Beach" - It's 'Cultured Country' With Jim & Lisa
It was on the charts 10 years ago but when exploring the possibilities of great country lyrics for Sir John to recite, there's no timeframe we won't go. Thus last Thursday, January 16 we featured the lyrics of Blake Shelton's "Some Beach."
So, grab a cold one and let&…

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