Aaron Watson shares a little slice of his live show with "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," his brand new single. The spirited breakup song comes with an exclamation point not found on his previous radio offerings.

Lyrically, "Kiss That Goodbye" offers a rapid-fire response to a guy who treats a girl wrong, and Watson performs it like he's been there. His band's energy makes the song, however. There's a rolling energy throughout that's punctuated with hand claps, banjo and not a hint of studio magic. Without a doubt, the version of this song you hear in concert will match the album version.

It's what Watson does best. The seasoned Texan scoffs at tight jeans, hip-hop beats and other pop frivolities found in much of today's country music, but does so without sounding bitter — and he backs it up with organic songs built to compete. "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" will become his biggest radio hit to date if 2019 is going to be a good year in country music.

Did You Know?: "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is Watson's first single from his Red Bandana album, which he's said will be released on June 21.

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Aaron Watson, "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" Lyrics:

Well it’s pretty much understood / Rainy days are just no good for leaving / No need mixing misery and gin / So it goes for icy days / Heartache and slick highways / No time to wait, you’re gonna break if you bend and bend again.

But a fresh new start will warm your heart like / The sun breaking through the cloudy sky / If there ever was a good day it’s the day that boy can kiss that girl goodbye / Just like a red eyed flight / Two tail lights in the night / You’re gonna spread your wings and fly / That boy can kiss that girl goodbye / Just like a west bound train / You’re drinking cheap champagne / You got no more tears to cry / And you’re long gone like a whisper in the wind / That boy can kiss that girl goodbye.

No need naming names / Players love playing games and he played your heart like a little violin / It’s brand new rhyme and riddle / It’s your turn to play that fiddle / And that same old song and dance is coming to an end.

If he really wants a goodbye kiss / He must be out of his ever-loving mind / If he really wants a goodbye kiss / You tell him to go kiss it where the sun don’t shine.

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