We're thinking this little guy has good taste in music!

Do you ever wonder where we get our taste in music from? Is it something we're born with? Maybe we are hard wired to love certain genres of music. It's programmed into our DNA and only certain types of music feed our soul.

Maybe it's cultivated through our parents. I always joke with my husband that one day when I'm pregnant, we'll pick our kids favorite music by placing headphones on my belly. I would say we get a lot of the same loves from our parents... headphones or not.

Either way, I believe a love of music is shown at an early age. We've all seen toddlers jump up and move their bodies to the music the best way they know how.

This little guy is no different Watch him jam out to James Otto's "Since You Brought It Up."

This kid's got good taste in music...#JamesOtto

Posted by Mustang1071 on Monday, January 26, 2015