The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) has announced a milestone in its mission to provide scholarships to Arkansas students.

As of this academic year, the Lottery has provided funding for 200,000 scholarship recipients across the state.

“Every day, I talk to students and families whose lives have been changed because of lottery-funded scholarships,” ASL Director Bishop Woosley said. “We are proud of reaching this scholarship milestone. We’re even more proud of the opportunities we are able to provide through the scholarships -- but it’s the students who do all the hard work.”

Arkansas has one of the lowest percentages of citizens with advanced degrees, Woosley noted, adding, “Some students wouldn’t be able to go to college at all without this scholarship.”

Woosley encourages both traditional and non-traditional students in the state to apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education before the June 1 deadline. To learn more or to apply, visit

“At the Lottery, we say ‘you can’t win if you don’t play.’ Likewise, you can’t get a scholarship if you don’t apply,” Woosley said.

About Scholarships

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act of 2009 provided for revenue raised by a state lottery to provide for college scholarships, to be administered by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. As a result, tens of thousands of Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarships are awarded to Arkansas residents for in-state colleges and universities across the state annually.

About the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Since Lottery sales started in Arkansas in 2009, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has provided more than $573 million in net proceeds for scholarships, Lottery players have won nearly $2 billion in prizes, and Lottery retailers have earned more than $162 million in commissions. More than 92 cents of every dollar of Lottery revenue goes to prizes, scholarships and retailer