Forty-Eight Percent of Texans say they will be heading to Grandma's house for the Holiday.The vast majority of those traveling will be doing so by driving.. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, historically the busiest travel days will be Wednesday and Sunday as families hit the road to get to and from their destination.

Last year the department says there were 26 death and almost 900 injuries that occurred during  the reporting period. They have some safety tips for you as you hit the road:

Pay attention

Buckle seat belts

put phones away while driving

left lane for passing only

never drink and drive

obey all traffic laws.

It's indeed a time to be thankful, and let's make it a safe trip to and back from grandma's house. I still remember years ago thinking that half of the city of Dallas must have been born in Arkansas. You could tell by all the eastbound traffic on Interstate 30 on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thankgiving and all the westbound traffic on the same interstate come the Sunday after the holiday.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

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