Carly Pearce and her husband Michael Ray will be together on Valentine's Day. The singers have a concert on Friday night in St. Louis, but don't start thinking the "Her World or Mine" singer will use that as an excuse to skip the holiday.

Pearce tells Taste of Country Nights that her husband of four months is extravagant in general. Case in point: last year's Easter basket that was stuffed with her favorite healthy foods, gum and trinkets. It was the kind of thing you have to take a picture of, she admits.

And then, for Christmas ...

“Honestly, it’s annoying," she shares. "The first year he got me an engagement ring. Second year he got me my dream honeymoon and a Louis Vuitton purse. I’m like, really? Here’s like, Lulu Lemon workout clothes, don’t you love them?”

The couple lean into their love when it comes to creating new music. Pearce's new Carly Pearce album (Feb. 7 on Big Machine Records) isn't filled with gushy love songs, but it was an album made while she was falling in love.

“We very much feel like finding your person and getting into that stage of life has been amazing for both of us," the "I Hope You're Happy Now" singer says. "You find your person, you build more confidence, you feel more sure of yourself … in ways I didn’t even know I needed to.”

"Finish Your Sentences" is the love duet on the album, but it's not a heavy ballad as much as it is a song about two people falling for one another in realtime. Her current single with Lee Brice is another example of a song made possible by finding the right person. "I Hope You're Happy Now" is an emotion she was nervous to share, but with confidence comes courage — the kind of courage that leads to a singer's third Top 20 hit (and climbing).

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