In the ten years since Carrie Underwood started co-hosted the CMA Awards, country music fans have become accustomed to seeing how many wardrobe changes she can make in a three-hour show. But this year, it might be a totally different story.

Underwood is very pregnant, expecting her second child with Mike Fisher sometime this winter.

"We will see if things zip," she joked in an appearance on Good Morning America on Friday (Nov. 9) alongside co-host Brad Paisley. "We had a fitting like a week ago and I don’t know if those things are going to fit me come Wednesday. So, we'll see. I'm going to try."

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So far, Underwood has been mum about her due date or the sex of the baby she's carrying. And if you believe her, she says she has no intention of sharing the news with Paisley ahead of the much-anticipated awards show next Wednesday (Nov. 14).

"I'm not telling Brad," Underwood says with a smile. "I'm not even sure we’ve told all of our family and stuff."

"I think you are taking great pains to make sure I don’t know because right now I’m so in the dark," Paisley adds. "She knows better. I’ll blow it again."

Paisley was responsible for blowing it in 2014, revealing in the opening CMAs monologue that Underwood was expecting a baby boy. Isaiah will be 4 in February. But no matter wardrobe changes and possible slip-ups, Paisley says that he and Underwood hope to give people a much needed break from the real world.

"These times too, everybody is trying to hold each other close," Paisley says. "You turn on the news this morning and there are fires and shootings. We’re hoping at the CMAs next week to give everyone a bunch of laughs, so it's just going to be fun."

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