Perseid Meteor Shower Is Back For 2020 - The Peak Is Tonight
August is always hot and 2020 is no exception, but there's one thing you can do without your mask in your own backyard and your social distancing is guaranteed, watching shooting stars. It's one of the great things that returns this time of year, every year, the Perseid Meteor Shower. If y…
Nominate Unsung Heroes in Our Community
Give a little back and throw a little love to the essential worker heroes that have kept our community running during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nominate someone that's gone above and beyond. The winners will be celebrated at a special luncheon at Schlotzsky’s.
Texas Drive-In Worth the Drive From Texarkana
Gone are the days when we grew up going to a Drive-In theater, sitting in our cars, and watching a movie under a star-filled night. Well, if there is one good thing that has come from the coronavirus pandemic is a return to the good old days, the Drive-In is back!
Could Texarkana be the next City to Ban Styrofoam?
The City Council of Fayetteville, Arkansas recently implemented their ban on restaurant-style take-out Styrofoam containers, coffee cups, and other Styrofoam related products. Several other states have already banned the usage of Styrofoam due to their unhealthy effects on not only people but our en…

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