Today I'm working on my AT&T Blackberry because all of a sudden the screen has gone blank on me. Phone still works fine, except for the whole can't see what you're doing issue, and running down to the local AT&T store for a replacement isn't an option so I guess I'm going to attempt to make the repair myself.

My poor phone has taken a beating. I don't know how many times it's fell on the floor since I've hard it. It's a wonder it even still powers on. But, this problem seems like one I should be able to fix. I just need to learn how to take it apart.

So, I do a quick google search (disassemble blackberry bold 9700) and find a video that shows me exactly how to take it apart. Step by step.

A few minutes later, the phone is laying in several pieces on the desk in front of me. Well what do you know, the LCD screen connection has come loose. Remove connector, carefully re-insert it, power up phone; Woo hoo! It lives! It lives! Now comes the fun part... putting it back together!

Many common phone problems you can fix yourself, even if you aren't exactly tech savvy (Lisa.. ha ha). There are how to videos all over the internet for just about every phone out there addressing just about every problem you can think of. On most phones, you can replace things that wear out or break like your keyboard or LCD screen in less than 30 minutes.

So the next time your beloved phone gives you some trouble. Sit down with your friend Google and I'll bet you can find out exactly how to fix it yourself. (Just a warning though, if your phone is under warranty you WILL VOID THAT WARRANTY if you open it.)

Here are some links you may find helpful.

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Good luck!