The Texarkana Recycling Center has issued a public statement regarding recycling being put on hold to limit exposure of the coronavirus.

The statement reads as follows:

To the Residents of Texarkana, Arkansas

The safety of the public and our employees is the City's top priority. As our employees interact with citizens and the general public, we have taken steps to limit exposure to the coronavirus. To limit our employee’s exposure to the coronavirus effective immediately, the City will be temporarily suspending its’ drop-off recycling program due to concerns over workers coming into contact with contaminated material due to the virus.

There are many unknowns about how the virus spreads from surface to surface and the program is being suspended to help avoid chances of community spread. The drop off facility at 2601 Dudley Street will remain closed until further notice. The city’s 2nd Saturday Green Texarkana Recycling effort is also temporarily suspended until further notice.

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