Bowie County Emergency Operations Center reports a total of 1,004 positive COVID-19 cases, with 502 recoveries and 71 deaths. There are currently 431 active cases being traced in Bowie County.

Cass County has a total of 261 cases with 213 recovered and 12 deaths. Cass County currently has 36 active cases.

Miller County has 621 total cases, 38 active positive cases, 5122 negative results, 574 recovered and 9 deaths. (Updated 9/3/20)

The chart below shows the number of cases (blue bar) and deaths (orange bar) for each age group in Bowie County.

BC_Cases-DeathsbyAgeGrp 903
BC_MortRate 903
BC_Mort_Gender 903
ActiveCases 903
CumulativeCases 903
CumulativeRevovery 903
BCNewCases 903
CCNewCases 903


Total Positive Cases in Bowie County1004
Bowie County Patients Hospitalized locally20
Bowie County Active Cases431
Bowie County Patients Recovered502
COVID-19 Deaths in Bowie County71
Non-resident Patients Hospitalized locally25
Total Hospitalizations45
Total Positive Cases in Cass County261
COVID-19 Deaths in Cass County12
Cass County Active Cases36
Cass County Patients Recovered213


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