There's no secret we love our football down south. If you saw the movie 'Friday Night Lights' you'll know what I'm talking about. High School football is king around these neck of the woods especially when it comes to the Arkansas High-Texas High rivalry game tonight.This game has been a staple of Texarkana dating all the way back to the very first game in 1912. These two teams have been battling on the football field for bragging rights in the twin cities with the Texas Tigers leading the series. For those people who may be new to the area, this game is as close as it gets to the rivalry between the college universities Texas and Arkansas.

I guess why fans get super charged for this game so much is because, Texas is Texas and Arkansas is always little ol' Arkansas. Basically, what it comes down to is state pride for each side of the city and competition for both teams representing their side of town.  This game has always catapulted each team to go and have successful seasons the rest of the year including winning state championships over the years.

This morning I dropped off my  step-daughter who is in the AHS band and they had their annual Orange Crush pep rally to get ready for the game. So depending on what side of town you're rooting for you get to drink Orange Crush and tiger tail donuts and if you're on the Texas side it's plenty of bacon at the bacon fry.

Through the years, there has always been talk of ending the rivalry over safety concerns, but it continues today and gains national attention each year for being a great rivalry. It 's one of a kind since we are sharing a town divided by a stateline. So it would be ashamed to see this series come to an end, because in this case no one wins.

So, all I can say is grab your tiger by the tail and put on your hog hat and may the best team WIN!

For those who don't know what goes on at a bacon fry check out this video from 2010.

If your a Razorback fan this should get you fired up for the game! It fires this AHS alumni  up!!!

Here's a link for traffic information for tonight's game.