The Kicker Cash Cow has reloaded just in time for the holiday season. You could WIN some holiday cash to spend as you like just like Dewie Meacham of Texarkana. Dewie says he plans on using the money to help repair his truck.

Photo by:Betty Garrett

If you're the winner you may want to pay some bills off, take a vacation, or buy some gifts. Whatever you choose, there's plenty of moo-lah to be given out. The Kicker Cash Cow is on the loose again with your shot to milk it for a thousand bucks twice a weekday. Just listen for the cue to call then be the 25th nationwide caller toll free at 1-877-854-WINS that 1-877-854-9467 for your chance to win $1000 just in time for some holiday spending. And don’t forget to follow the herd to the VIP Club at for your chance to WIN Ten Grand! Win Cash and lots of it with the Kicker Cash Cow on Kicker 102.5!